Ron’s Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips

By Ron Stewart former President of the Minority Retail Association of the United States.

Former President of the Minority Retail Association of the United States

DON’T wear a button down shirt with a double-breasted suit or sport coat.
DON’T wear a casual belt with a business suit.
DON’T wear striped shirts with striped suits.
DON’T wear short-sleeved dress shirts with a suit.
DON’T dry clean your suit more than twice a season.
DON’T wear striped shirts with pin-striped suits.
DON’T wear excessive jewelry on the wrist and/or hands.
DO wear a tab collar, straight collar or spread collar with a double-breasted sport coat or suit.
DO wear over the calf socks with suits.
DO wear belts that match your shoe color.
DO use shoe trees in your dress shoes.
Cuffs vs. Plain Bottoms
Generally speaking, go with cuffs on suit pants, and no cuffs on casual wear.
For Khaki slacks, the best looks are plain bottoms on plain front pants, and cuffs
on pleated pants or flat-front pants.

Poplin pants or lightweight slacks are best with plain bottoms (especially if you are
wearing them to play golf – cuffs will fill with grass.)

Corduroys do not generally hold cuffs well. The thick cloth will usually make the cuffs “wilt”, so plain bottoms are recommended.
1. You wear the clothes – not the other way around.
2. It’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.
3. Your tie’s tip should just reach your waistband.
4. The classiest color for a black tie is black. (If you’re a maverick, you can try midnight blue or chocolate.)
5. Your tie knot should always conceal the collar band behind it.
6. With a double-breasted suit, it’s acceptable to have only the lower-right button undone. (If you want to relax, take the coat off altogether.)
7. A man should not shop for more clothes; he should shop for better ones.
8. When it comes to pattern in your clothing, less is more. (However, if you decide to wear more than one pattern at a time, the pattern on your tie should be bolder than the one on your shirt.)

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